Monday, December 28, 2009


Carrot oil is a simple oil formulation that cost next to nothing. But can March up any body oil and body cream in the market: with my easy step by step guide, you are on your way to making cash from it and discovering a new body oil that is 100% better than most body oil and body creams.

• Body moisturizer
• For blemish skin and very good for ageing skin..
• Facial oil
• Good for chap lips.
• etc

Carrot as a fruit is high with lots of vitamins such as vitamin A, B, C, D, and E
It is accepted by cosmetologist that infusing carrot oil for body oil is a valuable
Aid to a youthful skin.

Material needed
five carrot fruit
Coconut oil or olive oil. ( best is coconut oil )

Equipment needed:

* Wash and grade the carrot with a grader.
• Place the graded carrot in a small pot
• Add coconut oil or olive oil.
• Then place on low heat on the stove or gas cooker.
• Make sure the lid of the pot is covered.
• Watch carefully
• The graded carrot will become soft and the oil will become orange color
• Remove the oil from the heat.
• Now use a clean white handkerchief and place over a bowl
• Drain the oil through the handkerchief
• Pour into a dark bottle, and then allow cooling and setting.
Now you can share into mini bottles for usage or for sale:

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  1. Do you not need to dry the grated carrot first before putting in the oil so that you don't get mold in the oil ?