Sunday, December 20, 2009

Penny investment:

Penny Investment in Africa

It’s a branch of development and change innovation Africa, which is geared towards assisting rural and urban low income earners in small scale investment in Africa.
Penny investment Africa shows people how to invest and grow penny cash into large scale investment.

How to produce palm kernel oil

Functions of palm kernel oil:
1. Body oil
2. Cough syrup
3. Food poisoning
4. Healing oil
5. etc

Sourcing of materials:
1. It can be picked from a palm tree plantation.
2. from an oil mill
3. it can be bought from the market
4. It can be gotten from neighbors.

Materials needed for production:
1. Palm kernel nuts

Equipment needed for production:
1. Cooking stove or out door firewood burner which ever is preferable.
2. An empty pot that is not useful any more in the house.

Getting Started:
1. Crack out the nuts from the palm kernel as much quantity as possible.
2. Measure out two cups of palm nuts
3. Pour into a pot and place on fire to heat
4. Allow to heat for almost 15 to 20mins ,lid of pot tightly close
5. Open and stir, leave for another 10mins
6. Open pot you will find drain out oil
7. Filter into a bottle with your funnel and return the kernel back to the pot, close lid and repeat process one more time for more oil.

This can be produce small, medium and large quantity ,and income generated from it, due to its functions, and most especially in rural communities.

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